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Event Website

An event Website for Borneo Fashion Week 2019.

Borneo Fashion Week (BFW) is the biggest fashion event in Borneo and happening in Sabah and Sarawak attended by the fashion fraternity including the fashion media, fashion buyers and fashion enthusiasts.

The event aims to promote Sabah as a leading fashion hub in Southeast Asia especially with evident diversity in ethnicity in Sabah. This exceptional fashion event provides an inside look at the world of fashion and ethnic design through diverse programs and activities which include runway shows, exhibitions, workshops, pop up stores and much more.

BFW is set to generate high awareness among its key target market through in-depth publicity in key local and regional media.

BFW’s presence will also be felt around the world through the digital platforms with pre and post activities like runway shows, backstage preparations, designers’ interviews, product exhibits and many more.

With 300 participants and over 5,000 visitors expected, BFW will become a leading platform for fashion, design, music, beauty and shopping trends.

BFW is positioned as an international event that brings together Malaysian and international designers to become the most awaited and talked about fashion event annually on the island of Borneo.

This fashion event is dedicated to raise the bar and increase domestic awareness of home-grown fashion and reinstate the global presence of Borneo’s Fashion Design Industry.