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One-Stop Call Centre
Solution That Helps Build
Customer Loyalty

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Asiakas Call Center Solutions

Asiakas is the leading answer to automating customer service transactions via telephony. Enables centralization for any organization through a technology-aided contact center. Asiakas uses IVR system to identify and segmentize callers resulting in customized services according to each customer’s profile.

Purposes of Asiakas


Easily executed, seamless, and customized telemarketing activities and campaigns.

Biller Reminder

Effective reminders to increase collection and cash flow without complexity.


Delivering customer retention and loyalty programs that sustain the customer base.

The benefit of Asiakas Blast

Increase Efficiency

A suitable agent with skill-based routing can improve customer’s satisfaction by matching the callers to the most systematically equipped agent in the queue.

Dedicated Support

Get access to our In-house professional team which includes a committed account manager who will help to fulfil the demand of your business.

Ease of Deployment

Manage your business needs without any problems with on-premise and on-cloud solutions that are highly scalable, flexible and secure.

How does it work?

There are 4 types of users which are agents, wallboard, supervisors and administrators.

For agents, they need to enter their information on the Aria Call Center login page to start the session. Then, they will proceed to the Agent Dashboard where all the information is provided on the screen. Once the agent is found available and ready to answer the caller’s call, the system will ring the agent’s softphone while at the same time trigger the CRM system’s interface to popup. Agents may also select a Break List if they need a break.

For the supervisor role, they can go to Supervisor Dashboard to supervise the queue statistics for callers. The supervisor can also inspect the agent through summary screen monitoring.

Besides that, the dashboard includes interactive voice response system, day and time sensitive greetings during business hours, auto-attendant, IVR self serve – check balance and call in ACD queue.

Our Main Features

Inbound Call CenterInbound Call
Outbound Call CenterOutbond Call
Interactive Voice ResponseInteractive
Voice Response
Automatic Call DistributionAutomatic Call
Computer Telephony IntegrationComputer Telephony
Voice MailVoice
Voice RecordingVoice
Call Center WallboardCall Center
Auto EmailAuto
Management ReportingManagement

Our Packages

No Module Asiakas (Lite) Asiakas (Plus) Asiakas (Enhanced) Asiakas (Pro)
1 SIP Gateway Server License (SIP Gateway)
2 Inbound Contact center
3 Outbound Module ( Choose one Module)
3a ARIA Power Dialer Module
3b ARIA Preview Dialer Module
3c ARIA Preview Dialer Module (Click to Dial API)
3d ARIA Predictive Dialer
4 Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
5 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
6 Multiple Call Queues (MCQ)
7 Aux Out / Aux In
8 Web-Based Agent UI
9 Web-Based Supervisor UI
10 Web based Administration UI
11 Multi lingual
12 Menu Level – 2 to 3 level
13 Reporting – 10 reports (additional report will be charge separately at RM1,200 per report)
14 Auto Email of Reports
15 Realtime System Monitoring
16 System Security
17 Voice Logger Module
18 CTI integration via REST API/URL Launcher (for Screen Pop)
19 Voice Logger User License
20 Wallboard UI
(excluding hardware such as monitor & cables)
21 Monitoring
21a Coaching
21b Spying
21c Conferencing
22 SLA Module
23 CSAT Module (IVR & SMS)
24 Quality Assurance Management