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Turn Every Interaction
Into a Meaningful

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Asiakas Customer Engagement

Supercharge your customer data to power predictive insights and enhance customer experience. Our fully web-based outbound customer engagement software designed to automate your outbound customer engagement campaigns by delivering customer contact details to agents based on campaign parameters.

Purposes of Asiakas Customer Engagement


Easily executed, seamless, and customized telemarketing activities and campaigns.

Biller Reminder

Effective reminders to increase collection and cash flow without complexity.


Delivering customer retention and loyalty programs that sustain the customer base.

The benefit of Asiakas CE

Increase Accuracy
& Efficiency

Improve the agent’s efficiency through automation and increase connection rate by letting the agent review customer details before calling the customer.

Achieve The Right

Accomplish the goals through set data filtering that only processes desired contacts. Users can also reach the suitable target market through campaigns that will generate revenue. Besides that, experience a leap in conversion rates and accelerated sales using automated call processes.

Boost Revenue &

Generate more revenue by increasing the connection and conversion rate. Efficiently route automatic calls to available agents to reach a greater number of customers and reduce the waiting time for the call drop ratio.

How does it work?

Asiakas CE works simultaneously whereby the agent opens the system and clicks “Dial” on the CRM / collector system. Asiakas auto dialer will place a call to agent extension and wait for the agent to answer the call. This allows for faster call routing to the agent but less screening of calls by the system prior to transfer. Then, the system will place an outbound call to the recipient and when the remote party goes off the hook, the call will be bridged to the agent for service.

The transfer call to the customer can also be done upon ring detection. In this method, the agent will listen to the ring tone of the remote party. The Asiakas voice logger will record the whole process until the call ends.

Our Main Features

Dynamic Contact Data FieldsDynamic Contact
Data Fields
Call RecordingCall
Contact Filtering and Target SettingContact Filtering
and Target Setting
Dynamic Disposition ReasonDynamic
Disposition Reason
Dynamic Classification ReasonDynamic
Classification Reason
Real Time DashboardReal Time
ITSP and PABX AgnosticITSP and PABX

Our Packages

No Module ASIAKAS Customer Engagement (Lite) ASIAKAS Customer Engagement (Plus) ASIAKAS Power Dialer ASIAKAS OCCS Predictive Dialer ASIAKAS Outbound API
1 SIP Gateway Server License (SIP Gateway)
2 Power Dialer
3 Preview Dialer
4 Predictive Dialer
5 Click to Dial API
6 Web-Based System Administration UI
7 Web-Based Agent UI
8 Campaign Manager Module
9 Agent Management
10 User Management
11 Disposition Reason & Classification Management
12 Contact Processing Distribution and Assignment
13 Reporting – 8 reports (additional report will be charge separately at RM1,200 per report)
14 Realtime System Monitoring
15 Auto Email of Reports
16 System Network Monitoring
17 System Security
18 Voice Logger
19 Wallboard UI (Excluding hardware such as monitor & cables)
20 Monitoring
20a Coaching
20b Spying
20c Conferencing