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Are you Graphic Designer, Advertising or Marketing Agency?   You are able to produce exceptional stunning front-end website design for your client, but you don’t have the technical expertise to build Control Management System (CMS) website.

We can help!

  • KARUNA partners with Graphic Designers & Marketing Agencies like you.

How does it work?

  1. Give us your front-end design files 
  2. We then incorporate your designs and build a functional website which allows you to update and edit at ease. 
  3. We will hand over the completed website once we confirm that all the necessary images, contents and SEO check are present on the website. 
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Older Day

It requires longer lead time as it is all about hand rolling code. Furthermore, it is totally rigid when it comes to updating and maintaining the pages.

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Now with CMS

CMS is easy to manage as it has an intuitive interface which enable users to update website via drag & drop functions.

That’s pretty much it – simple, right!

With this support, you start your Website Design career as well.

So, If you’d like to have a chat about how we can work together to add value to your clients’ website projects, just give us a call on

082-576113, or send us a message via the form below.


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