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If you want to sell event tickets on your website and deliver them to your buyers digitally, iTicketing is exactly what you need. When you use the iTicketing – Online Ticketing System to sell and send tickets, we will help you to set up your own hosted ticketing solution wherein you control the profits with no requirement to send a cut to a third party. Besides, we also provide on site ticketing assistance as per required.

Sell Ticket Online Hassle Free

Sell event tickets on your own website. our online ticketing system - iTicketing fits well and works great for online ticketing such as events, conference, exhibitions, congress and much more.

iTicket - Online Ticketing System Malaysia
iTicket - Online Ticketing System Malaysia

Check In Attendees Easily

iTicketing - online ticketing system comes with smartphone apps for iOS and Android platforms. We also have a cross-platform Chrome Desktop app perfect for checking in attendees on larger events or events without Internet coverage.

Payment Method and Gateway

Wherever you're from, we've got you covered! iTicketing supports most of the payment gateways that is available in Malaysia.

iTicket - Online Ticketing System Malaysia
iTicket - Online Ticketing System Malaysia

Let them Pick Their Seats

Create stunning floor plans of your venue to make it easier for your attendees to pick the best seat for your show. Make seating groups, standing areas, round or square tables, points of interest... anything you need, any way you like.

Sell Your Ticket Online Today

We’re always up for a yarn, give us a call on 082-576113 and let us know all about your business and online goals. If an email is more your thing, enter your details using this form and we’ll be in touch soon.