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Logo & Graphic Design

for Your Brand Identity

7 Key Elements

KARUNA Web Design also creates great logo design that is Credible, Simple, Distinctive, Versatile, Appropriate, Targeted and Timeless.

All under One Roof

We also design marketing and advertising materials with the aim to provide convenient printing services for our existing clients. In additional, KARUNA provides content and copy writing for your marketing materials.

Effective & Efficiency

5 critical success factors we believe in - Creative, The Right Target, Need Fulfilment, Awareness and Conversion.

Why DESIGN is Important

Design is at the heart of a brand. Every creative piece says something about your company and your brand. A good design communicates professionalism, quality and consistency. Furthermore, it allows you to strategically position yourself in the market.

Your brand’s design and other marketing efforts reinforce what your company is trying to tell its audience. The importance of design  is the way it’s used to translate and communicate the values of your business to your audience. Thus through strong designs, companies can connect and foster long term relationship with their customers.

Why Choose Us

KARUNA is built on its passion for inspired Design – where concept, strategy and creativity produce highly crafted works of art. Whatever we are doing, our starting point is always conceptual. We seek opportunity to create things that challenge the ordinary and bring the brand to the next level. We strive to leave an unforgettable mark in everything we do.

Besides, KARUNA also provides printing services for our existing clients at very competitive prices.


Graphic design and printing services


Our team designs and develops beautiful eye catchy websites that are up to date. In addition, easy to navigate and easy to use. We take into account the concept of brand we’re working with. Our in-house designers are experienced in planning effective web presence to achieve the highest return of investment (ROI).



To develop a brand identity, we adopt a 4-step process that aims to clearly define what your brand stands for

  • goals
  • personality
  • emotion that you want people to experience
  • visible element of the identity through a positioning statement

We will develop a suite of visual identity kit to reiterate your brand values; Name Cards, Letterhead, Envelops, Powerpoint Template and more.



Advertising is an integral part of your marketing strategy as well.  It is a tangible element that help you reach your target market and connect with them. Customers get to have a sense of what you represent as a company. Thus, they become engaged for a longer period of time. 

KARUNA can assist to develop the concept, design and copy for your advertisements. For digital advertisements, KARUNA can assist with placing them on social media platforms.



Whether it is restaurant packaging or product packaging, we are able to create a unique design that resonates with identity for your brand. The uniqueness of the design will be showcased across your products. We will start with the concept to a finalized realization of your packaging.



We make sure that you get a strong logo that adequately introduces people to your company that creates a powerful and visible visual symbol that characterizes your business brand or organization. Learn More



An important part of marketing strategy is to develop materials for your potential customers. KARUNA also design and develop marketing materials for print and digital media.  We also provide printing services for your brochures, leaflets and posters.

“Great web design without FUNCTIONALITY is like a sports car with no engine”.

Paul Cookson

Get in touch with us for a new Inspiration and design concept. Let’s see how can we help.