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Asiakas Blast

Customer loyalty is gained with positive experiences. With Asiakas Blast, you can achieve that easily. Our interactive messaging system gives you the flexibility and options to scale as your business grows.

Purposes of Asiakas Blast

  1. A seamless experience that connects you with your valued customers.
  2. Make engagement effortless with a self-service platform that provides templates or customization to cater to your customer’s needs.

The benefit of Asiakas Blast


The centralised dashboard makes it easy for the user to view reports such as campaign and sms details.


Build a relationship with customers through text and phone calls to alert new opportunities.


Efficiently send out customised messages to current and future customers.

How does it work?

Asiakas Blast works in two ways which are Voice Service and SMS Service.

The procedure for Voice Service is to record the audio, schedule a campaign and send voice audio to the customer.

For SMS Service, there will be a template or customizable message to send to the customer. This service requires a scheduled campaign to send out the SMS.

Voice Service

blankRecord Audio
blankSchedule Campaign
blankSend Voice

SMS Service

blankSet Template
blankSchedule Campaign
blankSend SMS

Our Main Features

1 & 2 Way Messaging

Send info, promotions, messages and alerts (1-way) or use the Interactive Voice Response (2-way).

Advance Scheduling

Opt to send your messages immediately or plan and schedule your messages to be sent later.

Extensive Report

View reports such as campaign and SMS details through a centralized dashboard.

Support White-label

Become a reseller and start a business in your own branding with our whitwilabeled module.

Template & Customizable

Use a template or customize the details of the message to suit your business requirements.

Voice Broadcast Re-Routing

Comes with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which allows the call to be redirected to a call center agent or any 3rd party API.