Web Design Portfolio - Sarawak Cultural Village

Online Ticketing E-commerce Website

Sarawak Cultural Village is a Travel and Tourism Website we built with the online ticketing E-commerce system and the detailed listing of its products in video format. The website emphases on the user experience as well as the Call-to-action buttons at aim for the higher ROI in term of ticketing and food voucher selling.

About Sarawak Cultural Village
  • Experience Sarawak in Half-a-day in Sarawak only living museum.
  • Sarawak Cultural Village is an award-winning Living Museum that spans across 17-acres of land just across from Damai Beach Resort and Hotels. Experience in Sarawak in Half-a-day at Sarawak Cultural Village and learn about the local culture and lifestyles of the various ethnic groups in Sarawak.  Read more
Advantages of our iTicket system:
  • Sell your ticket in a digital way and Online selling
  • Check-in attendance easily via QR code
  • Online selling with Payment Gateway

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