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Soon to be announced, E-Commerce businesses are allowed to operate during the Malaysian Covid-19 lockdown period. During times like this e-commerce takes precedence as most Malaysians will be working from home and will have the convenience of ordering products and getting shipped to their home. Supermarket shelves have also been wiped clean due to panic buying so online is the only way to source for products at this critical moment.

Some of you may be wondering, “How do I move forward with this lockdown?” and “How can I bring my business online in this short period of time?” Here are some tips:

  1. Building an e-commerce website with WordPress

Building a website with WordPress speeds up the website design process and allows you to get your website up in a matter of days because you won’t need to perform a lot of coding. In addition to that, WordPress has a myriad of plugins and customization you can add on, for example a shopping cart, Sarawak Pay as a payment option and even automated confirmation of orders and emails to update your customers when the package has been shipped out.  This will help bring your business from offline to online in a matter of days.

If you need help setting up a WordPress website, fill up our quotation form and we can get your e-commerce website up in less than 2 weeks during the lock-down period. We promise to get back to you in less than 30 minutes.


  1. Setting up a Facebook Page and run ads

If you are reliant on foot traffic for your retail business, setting up a Facebook page properly and running strategic advertisements for your promotion for your e-commerce store will be effective in getting you “Virtual Foot Traffic” which is known as “Ad View”.

The possibilities of reaching hundreds of thousands of customers no longer constraints your business to customers within a neighborhood. This will grow your sales exponentially.

Contact us to get a FREE consultation on how to get started. No obligations and we provide free advice.


  1. Share your website via Whats App

Share your newly built website with your regular clients via Whats App and this is a good time for them to buy from you online since your shop is closed. Use this period to cultivate the habit of buying online for your customers and you maybe able to do away with retail expenses once your online business grows after the Covid-19 lock-down.

Let Karuna help bring your business online. Fill up our quotation form to get an estimated quote in 30 minutes >>

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Official list of services not affected by Covid-19 Lockdown including e-dagang. For the full gazette please view here